I think the haikyuu test fics I posted are the most like zoned things I’ve ever posted lol.

Anonymous asked: What languages do you translate? Are you planning on translating Attack on Prince if the owner allows it?

I only translate Japanese unfortunately. While I’m Korean, I’m really only able to speak and understand fluently. I can read, but I’m definitely not at the level where I would be confident translating. One day maybe if I ever do get better at reading faster! My ancestors rolling in their graves now.


People always seem to just run with the idea that “all interpretations are true”, but forget the corollary that “all interpretations are true so long as they’re rational and you can derive it from evidence in the text”. And by this, I mean that there’s a limit to fan interpretations/theories/headcanons that you can come up with before it sounds like you’re talking about a whole different work entirely.   


I get over this atblock! yehaa

this doodling turn into oneshot project of some silly story! It’s teaser? i want to draw original characters. It’s probably gonna be shounen-ai story wth incest brotherly love theme bl stuff wth main chara is otaku nerd older brother. Plot still in my head tho but i open to suggestion if you want to shove me some ideas :D

rainbowheichou asked: I just read your translations to "Eren's Letter", "Eren, I'm here." and "Me and him and Corporal" and just wanted to say that you did an amazing job and I never felt so empty in my entire life. But I also wanted to ask you about your other translations because I don't think I can handle any more sadness. Are they just as sad as the other three or is there any fluff in there? I'm sorry if I disturbed you in any way!

Don’t apologize or anything! I’m happy to receive questions and comments.o_O I’m glad you liked them! She was one of my favorite authors on pixiv, but there’s nothing left of hers to translate anymore. Now I feel empty haha.

I’m gonna assume when you say translations, you mean my other fanfic translations.

3 Minutes of Happiness between the Prisoner sentenced to death who was in love and Mass Rule <- Pretty sad

A story about the Boy who’s Loved by Butterflies<-Pretty fluffy but I haven’t gotten to the fluff yet ack!

Levi Squad Journal ~34 Days of Cheering on Corporal’s Love~   <-Mix of both

Levi Squad Journal ~Day 35~

The man mourns for the time that won’t return <-Fluffy and romantic as hell

When I went to an ice cream shop, I encountered a lovey-dovey couple <-FUnny as hell

Your Colorful World! <-More heartwarming imo

But those 3 were definitely the saddest so if you got through them you could probably go through all of these lol.

Things ao3 desperately needs

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  2. Separate categories for main pairing and side pairings
  3. Separate categories for main pairing and side pairings

今から日向テストを行います2 by どん
We&#8217;re having the Hinata Test NOW 2
First part: Here

2nd part! Even better than the first part omg.
Sugawara: Question number 8. &#8220;I can leave Hinata to him&#8221;. Who&#8217;s someone you feel that way about?Shimizu: We had Hinata write whoever he wouldn&#8217;t mind going out with. If you wrote your own name, even out of sarcasm, we made your points from the start zero.Kageyama&#8217;s answer: [The net (for volleyball)]
[[MORE]]Favorite foodBokuto&#8217;s answer: [Tamagotchi]Kuroo: LOLOLOLOL So close LOLOLOL so close, but dude LOLOLTsukishima: Now that brings back memories LOLOLOLOLOLBokuto: I just felt like the word &#8220;tamago&#8221; was somewhere in there.Yamaguchi: But would you normally choose that then??? LOLOLOLOLHinata: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLTanaka: Hinata&#8217;s not breathing!Kunimi: ▼ He&#8217;s just like a corpse.Oikawa: Kunimi-chan LOLOLOL Stop it LOLOLAkaashi: Pfft LOLOLOLOLOLOLEveryone: Akashi&#8230;laughed!?Sugawara: Question number 6. What is Hinata&#8217;s favorite sports manga?Shimizu: This is pretty specific and he talks about it a lot so there should be a lot of people who answered correctly.Sugawara: Hinata&#8217;s answer: [Kuroko no Basket]Tanaka: He talks about it even in the clubroom.Nishinoya: I like Kagami!!!Hinata: Me too!!Nishinoya: He&#8217;s cool, right!Hinata: Yes!Konoha: Oikawa and Iwaizumi are like Kise and Kisematsu.&#8221;&#8221;&#8220;Agree with you so hard.&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;Oikawa: I&#8217;m cooler though!Kageyama: Aaah, yeah yeah, sure.Akaashi&#8217;s answer: [Attack No.1]Kuroo: So old!!!Yaku: I did not think of that.Asahi: I can&#8217;t believe you chose something from the Showa Era.Tsukishima: Atack~~♪ Attack~~♪ Nuuuumbeeeeer Oneee~♪Kuroo: LOLOLOLOLOL GOD DAMN IT LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLYamaguchi: Tsukki LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKunimi: Don&#8217;t sing it with a straight face LOLOLOLOLOLOikawa: It pisses me off that he&#8217;s actually good LOLOLOLOLKageyama: Dude, what&#8217;s wrong with you today??? LOLOLOLOLTsukishima: It&#8217;s starting to get fun!☆Hinata: Stop it LOL Gross LOLOLTsukishima: (´・ω・`)Kuroo&#8217;s answer: [Oofuri]Lev: Aaah&#8230;Seiyuu joke?Yaku: Takaya Abe-san?Kenma: The one rumored to not know when to hold back?Tsukishima: Nastybe-san?Kuroo: It feels good, right? If you&#8217;re with me, I&#8217;ll make you feel as good as you want.Yaku: You&#8217;re going to do it??? LOLOLOLOLOLYamaguchi: Okay, YOU&#8217;RE OUT! LOLOLOLLev: Hinata, run away, run away as fast as you can.Kenma: Kuro, gross.Kuroo: Hey, my younger brother, show your elders respect.Kenma: I&#8217;ll slice you.Hinata: Kenma, that&#8217;s Mr. Takeda.Sugawara: Question number 7. What are Hinata&#8217;s weak points?Shimizu: For those who left it blank or said &#8216;none&#8217;, we took points from the points you had from the start.Sugawara:  Hinata&#8217;s answer: [People keep telling me I&#8217;m too loud! And, another is that I&#8217;m small&#8230;] Hinata, so cuuuute!! You&#8217;re so small and cute. Don&#8217;t be mistaken, those are your strong points. Your butt and there is so small and cute.Kunimi: Dude, NEVER be alone with him.Hinata: You don&#8217;t need to tell me that.Daichi: He wasn&#8217;t like that in the past&#8230;Kageyama&#8217;s answer: [He talks to people other than me]Yamaguchi: Uwaa, as expected of the King.Kuroo: Want to hog him all to yourself, huh?Asahi: It&#8217;s scary how he looks like he&#8217;ll go yandere.Tsukishima: Looks like he&#8217;d lock Hinata up.Hinata: What&#8217;s this? I feel cold all the sudden&#8230;Kageyama: It&#8217;s your imagination.((Deny it first.))Konoha&#8217;s answer: [If I had to say something, it&#8217;d be how he&#8217;s so sinful for making me fall in love]Bokuto: Dude LOLOLOLOL Konoha LOLOLOLOLOLAkaashi: Who the hell are you (serious look).Kuroo: Yeh yeh, grats on your chuunibyou. LOLOLOLOLOLOLYaku: No one wants to hear that from you.Sugawara: Question number 8. &#8220;I can leave Hinata to him&#8221;. Who&#8217;s someone you feel that way about?Shimizu: We had Hinata write whoever he wouldn&#8217;t mind going out with. If you wrote your own name, even out of sarcasm, we made your points from the start zero.Sugawara: We&#8217;ll say Hinata&#8217;s answer later.Yamaguchi&#8217;s answer: [Mr. Takeda]Tsukishima: Out LOL of LOL everyone LOL why LOL him???Kuroo: That&#8217;s a crime, bro LOLOLOLOLOLHinata: Yamaguchiii&#8230;Yamaguchi: I thought he&#8217;d be the safest choice.Asahi: His honor is on the brink of crisis.Kageyama&#8217;s answer: [The net (for volleyball)]Kuroo: LOLOLOLOL ueee LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOikawa: Tobio, get it together LOLOLOLOLOLTanaka: If the ball is your friend, the net is your lover. Is that it??? LOLOLOLOLTsukishima: You are so stupid LOLOLOLOLHinata: Dude, seriously!? Do you really like me!?Kageyama: I thought that if you like volleyball, you&#8217;d also like the net.Hinata: Then do you look at the net in a romantic way?Sugawara: Alriiight! Time for Hinata&#8217;s long-awaited answer!!!! BOOM BOOM BAM BAM!!!!Daichi: Su LOLOL ga LOLOLOLOLOLKonoha: Calm down LOLOLOLShimizu: Hinata&#8217;s answer: [Kunimi]Kunimi: oh non, wait wha?Kuro: &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.
WHAT!?Bokuto: Du, wha!? Eh, wait, whuuuu!?Lev: W, w, w, w, what, why!?Kageyama: Tsukishima:Sugawara:Nishinoya: Crap! The three of them aren&#8217;t breathing!!Asahi: I&#8217;ll ask for the sake of asking, but why&#8230;?Hinata: He&#8217;s part of the straight group and I like his face the most!Kunimi: Uffff LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL (Dude, just shut uuup)Oikawa: Kunimi.Kunimi: Yes?Oikawa: We need to talk later.Kunimi: Roger. (Ah, I&#8217;m dead.)Sugawara: Eeeeh, let&#8217;s get back on subject. Question number 9. What is recently troubling Hinata?How dare they&#8230;No forgiveness.Shimizu: Hinata&#8217;s answer: [I can&#8217;t hold the ball with one hand]Hinata: My hands are small so&#8230;Sugawara: Small hands are cute!! Don&#8217;t worry!!Akaashi: No wait, what&#8217;s there to not worry about?Yaku&#8217;s answer: [Not getting any taller]Lev: LOL Isn&#8217;t that LOLOLOL your worry &#8220;You say something?&#8221; N o,    n o t h i n g    a t     a l l.Kenma: When will you finally learn?Kuroo: Come on, you know how his brain is. You know, that.Lev: That!?Bokuto&#8217;s answer: [He can&#8217;t hold the tamagotchi with one hand]Akaashi: PFFt LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKonoha: What is wrong with you??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKuroo: Why do you keep pushing for tamagotchi???? LOLOLOLOLOLBokuto: I had a feeling he couldn&#8217;t hold onto something!!Tsukishima: Just how small do you think Hinata&#8217;s hand is LOLOLOLOLHinata: Even I can hold a toy!!!Bokuto: Ah, by tamagotchi I mean you know, that, Mametchi!Yamaguchi: &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;Huh!?Kunimi: Ma LOL me LOL tchi LOLOLOLKonoha: Hinata LOLOL with Mametchi LOLOL in one hand LOLOL How surreal LOLOLOLOLOLOLKuroo: Don&#8217;t say it, stupid! Now, I can&#8217;t get it out of my head LOLOLOLOLHinata: Do you guys really like me!? Are you sure you don&#8217;t just wanna insult me!?Homos: I like you.Hinata: Ah, okay.Sugawara: Question number 10. What if Hinata turned into a girl?Shimizu: If it was me, I&#8217;d pull him into yuri heaven and show him that girls are better than boys.Nishinoya: Shimizu-san!?Sugawara: Hinata&#8217;s answer: [If I was a girl, I wouldn&#8217;t be able to play volleyball with everyone at Karasuno! I wouldn&#8217;t become friends with Kageyama! So I&#8217;d rather be a guy!] That&#8217;s our Hinata!! Angel!Hinata: Eh, wait! I erased the part about Kageyama! Why!?Shimizu: It was cute so we worked hard to read the marks.Hinata: Uu&#8230;&#8230;embarrassing&#8230;Yamaguchi: Is Kageyama special to you?Hinata: Eh?&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.! No, stu-! That&#8217;s, um, not special or anything like that, but um, he&#8217;s my partner&#8230;or you could say other half&#8230;Kageyama: (Marry me)Homos: ((&#8230;)The other homos swore to knockout Kageyama.Sugawara: Lev&#8217;s answer: [He can sprout boobs]Hinata: Are you asking for a fight?Oikawa: Dude LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLTsukishima: Sprout LOLOLOLOLOLOLKuroo: Can you sprout them??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLKunimi: Stop it LOLOLOL Gross LOLLev: Eh, you don&#8217;t say it sprouts?Yaku: Hell no LOLKunimi&#8217;s answer: [That is after his nether regions is torn to shreds and falls off]Bokuto: Woah, ouuuch&#8230;Tanaka: I got chills.Kuroo: Stop iiit, it&#8217;s scary to just imagine it.Oikawa: If that was true, it&#8217;d be hell man&#8230;&#8230;..Kunimi: Um, sorry. lolololololSugawara: We&#8217;re down to the last 2 questions!!Shimizu: There are so many strange answers that my abs feel like they&#8217;re being destroyed.((You didn&#8217;t even move a bit!))Sugawara: Question number 29. Who is the person that left the biggest impression on Hinata?Shimizu: There are a lot of very&#8230;eccentric people so he must have struggled with this one.Tsukishima: (He&#8217;s obviously gonna choose the King.)Oikawa: (Gotta be me. I mean, I&#8217;m cooler than Kageyama~~)Kenma: (I&#8217;d be happy if it was me&#8230;but, I guess it&#8217;s Kageyama&#8230;)Kuroo: (Duh, it&#8217;s Kenma. Cute is justice.)Hinata&#8217;s answer: [Leek head]""WHY!!!!??""Hinata: Eh, isn&#8217;t that hairstyle hella funny?Daichi: No, well, yeah it is, but what about Kageyama? The fated meeting!?Hinata: Noo, weeell, he did leave an impression, but Leek Head had a bigger impact!Asahi: Eeeeeeehhh&#8230;Kunimi&#8217;s answer: [Leek head (Chara voice: Kindaichi)]Oikawa: Wai-, Kunimi-chan LOLOLOLOLOLYamaguchi: Why???? LOLOLOLOLYaku: There&#8217;s gotta be other people you could have chosen LOLOLOLKageyama&#8217;s answer: [Aojou&#8217;s Leek Head Personnel]Kuroo: Y o u      t o oYamaguchi: Dude, why!!??? lolololololKunimi: What the heck is Leek Head Personnel?? lolololololOikawa: Stop bullying Kindaichi lololololololKageyama: Well, when I first saw his hair, I burst out laughing internally. Leek head LOLOLOL ueee LOLOLOLOL that&#8217;s an amazing hairstyle LOLOL. Like that.Kunimi: I didn&#8217;t care and laughed out loud.Tanaka: YOU      LOL      GUYS     LOL     ARE     LOL     SOSugawara: Last question! Question number 30. What does Hinata like the most?&#8221;&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;Volleyball.&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;&#8220;Sugawara: The first test to investigate your love for Hinata has ended. How was it?Hinata: I feel like all it did was bully me.Kunimi: I&#8217;m tired. Sleepy&#8230;Oikawa: The younglins treat me so badly!Kuroo: And how does that differ from usual?Kenma: Shouyou blushing was cute so I don&#8217;t care anymore.Ennoshita: Um, the only thing I can say is please just end it soon&#8230;Shimizu: We will now announce the top 3.Sugawara: And last place too.Lev: Last place has got to be Oikawa-san.Akaashi: No matter how you think about it, it&#8217;s gotta be the Great King.Kenma: Definitely Oikawa-san&#8230;Oikawa: Did I do something to make you guys hate me!? Aren&#8217;t you being mean!? Don&#8217;t get mad at me just because I&#8217;m good looking!&#8221;&#8221;&#8220;That part of you pisses me off.&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;Shimizu: 3rd place. Akaashi. 19 out of 30 points.Bokuto: Holy shit, Akaashi!!Daichi: I can somehow see this coming.Tsukishima: Attack~~♪Kunimi: Attack~~♪Tsukishima and Kunimi: Nuuu~uumbeee~eer~~Ooo~~oooneee~~♪Yamaguchi: Drop it already lololololKuro: lololololololololShimizu: 2nd place. Asahi. 21 out of 30 points.Nishinoya: As expected of Asahi-san!!Daichi: Heeeey, beard choco. Don&#8217;t get too full of yourself, beard chocoooo.Sugawara: Even though you&#8217;re a beard choco&#8230;Asahi: Eeh&#8230;!?Shimizu: Number 1. Ennoshita. 29 out of 30 points.Kuroo: WHAT!?Tsukishima:&#160;!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Lev: 29!!??Yamaguchi: When you get to that level, you gotta ask, what did you get wrong!?Shimizu: Hinata&#8217;s nickname from middle school.Oikawa: Why did you get THAT out of everything wrong?Shimizu: Last place. Kageyama. 3 out of 30 points.Hinata: &#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;..Kageyama:Hinata: Can we quit being partners?Kageyama: I&#8217;m so sorry. Please forgive me, Lord Hinata.Shimizu: Eeeh, so..((She cut him off!!))Shimizu: The gap between each contestant has widened, but there&#8217;s still a chance to recover so work hard.Sugawara: Alright, let&#8217;s get started with the 2nd test!Shimizu: Next is the test to check your pervert level. Sugawara, please explain the rules.Sugawara: Eeeh, so this test is a practical test and public interview in one. First off&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;
Summing up:

今から日向テストを行います2 by どん

We’re having the Hinata Test NOW 2

First part: Here

2nd part! Even better than the first part omg.

Sugawara: Question number 8. “I can leave Hinata to him”. Who’s someone you feel that way about?
Shimizu: We had Hinata write whoever he wouldn’t mind going out with. If you wrote your own name, even out of sarcasm, we made your points from the start zero.

Kageyama’s answer: [The net (for volleyball)]

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今から日向テストを行います by どんToday we have a test

This is the funniest fanfic out there I swear to god. Snippet:Shimizu: In order to protect Hinata&#8217;s cute ass, we&#8217;re going to have a test.Tanaka: I didn&#8217;t want to hear that word from Shimizu-san!Asahi: Same here.Sugawara: Of course there&#8217;ll be some of you who&#8217;ll say &#8220;I&#8217;m not a pervert&#8221;. HOWEEEVERRR! Don&#8217;t forget the existence of ones who hide in secret like Daichi!Daichi: Dude.[[MORE]]It was the first night of the training camp.Maybe because they weren&#8217;t all that tired just yet, the members were pouncing around with energy.Sugawara: Hey&#8230;everyone.Daichi: What?Nishinoya: What&#8217;s wrong, Suga-san?The members look with questioning eyes at Sugawara who was looking quite serious. The room falls silent.Sugawara: The training camp starts from today, but&#8230;To be honest, I think we can&#8217;t leave things as they are now.Daichi: Well, yeah, it&#8217;ll cause the other schools trouble if a fight starts.Sugawara: I can&#8217;t let the perverts in our club, much less the perverted bastards from other schools get near my cute, cute Hinata!!!Everyone: The pervert is you!!!!!Shimizu: In order to protect Hinata&#8217;s cute ass, we&#8217;re going to have a test.Tanaka: I didn&#8217;t want to hear that word from Shimizu-san!Asahi: Same here.Sugawara: Of course there&#8217;ll be some of you who&#8217;ll say &#8220;I&#8217;m not a pervert&#8221;. HOWEEEVERRR! Don&#8217;t forget the existence of ones who hide in secret like Daichi!Daichi: Dude.Shimizu: So if you like Hinata, we want you to take part in this.Yamaguchi: Uuum, those of us who don&#8217;t see Hinata in that way don&#8217;t have to participate, right?Sugawara: Well, that&#8217;s fine, but I&#8217;ll consider whoever doesn&#8217;t participate to hate Hinata and forbid them from getting near him from here on out.Yamaguchi: I shall participate&#8230;Shimizu: It&#8217;s not interesting if we only decide who&#8217;s a pervert. That&#8217;s why, the person with the highest score gets to be Hinata&#8217;s guard throughout the training camp and on the final day, gets a date with him.&#8221;&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;Awww yeah, count me in.&#8221;&#8220;&#8221;&#8220;Tsukishima, Kageyama, Sawamura, and Nishinoya spoke at the same time.By the way, Hinata&#8217;s out to play at Fukurodani Academy&#8217;s room. According to Sugawara, that place is apparently a safety zone.The door to Karasuno&#8217;s door slammed open.Kuroo: WAAAIT JUST OOOONE SECOOOOND!!!!Kageyama: You&#8217;re Nekoma&#8217;s!! Cockscomb head.Tsukishima: Why is the cockscomb here!?Kuroo: Hey, I only allow chibi-chan to call me that!!Kenma: You&#8217;re loud, cockscomb.Kuroo: Dude, stop.Kenma: Other schools have the right to participate in that test, right?Shimizu: Of course.Sugawara: We should make it clear who&#8217;s good and bad for Hinata&#8217;s sake.Bokuto: Hey heeeeey! I&#8217;m in too!Akaashi: Then, me too. I don&#8217;t want to be labeled a hater.Lev: Me too! I want to go on a date with Shouyou!Players from other schools come in one after another. The population has gone to critical levels.Sugawara: There&#8217;s a lot of us now so let&#8217;s go to the gym.Shimizu: I&#8217;ll go get Hinata.Sugawara: Roger.When Shimizu laid her hands on the door knob, the door opened again.Oikawa: I heard Chibi-chan so I came!!!!! Count me in too.Kageyama: Why did you come? Go home.Tsukishima: Even without a test, we know you&#8217;re a pervert.Oikawa: Hey, you shitty brats.Kunimi: See? I told you. You&#8217;re already a pervert.Kunimi appeared behind Oikawa.Kageyama: Kunimi!? Don&#8217;t tell me you&#8217;re after Hinata too&#8230;?Kunimi: Of course not. I&#8217;m this guy&#8217;s chaperon.Kageyama: You&#8217;re doing God&#8217;s work.Kunimi: Yeh.Sugawara: Alriiiight! Let&#8217;s get a moving.Hearing that, the homos started shuffling out of the room.The straight guys who were left behind looked at each other.Yamaguchi: I&#8217;m straight though&#8230;Asahi: Haha, me too&#8230;Ennoshita: Give up. No one can stop Sugawara-san when he&#8217;s like that.Kunimi: &#8230;Eh, do I have to do it too?The 3 of them: Yup.Kunimi: Eh LOLOL no way LOLOL seriously?Kunimi decided that he could get through this by breaking down his character.List of participating playersKarasunoEveryone except Sugawara and ShimizuNekomaKuroo, Kenma, Lev, YakuFukurodaniAkaashi, Bokuto, KonohaAobajousaiOikawa, KunimiSugawara decided through his own judgement and prejudice that the other players from Nekoma and Fukurodani weren&#8217;t perverts so those people weren&#8217;t participating.Sugawara: Alright, alright! And so it begins! The first Hinata Struggle Test!!Sugawara&#8217;s announcing with a mic.There are 25 people in the gym.Sugawara: What we are about to carry out is a test to add up your pervert level, love for Hinata, and the love Hinata has for you!!!The one with the highest overall score gets to be Hinata&#8217;s guard throughout the training camp and on the final day, gets a date with Hinata!Those who like Hinata are getting pumped and shouting.Hinata: Wha-, wait! I haven&#8217;t agreed to that at all!Sugawara: Hinata. This is for your sake. If we don&#8217;t do this, and your hole gets filled, what are you going to do then? You don&#8217;t want that, right? That&#8217;s why we have to do this! Voices shouting, yeah yeah! echo across the room.Kunimi and Yamaguchi who were sitting close by Hinata to protect him from the perverts patted his shoulder.Yamaguchi: Hinata, give up.Kunimi: The straight group will get number 1 for you.Hinata slumped his shoulders.Sugawara: First off, we&#8217;ll test how much you know about Hinata. Or to say, we&#8217;re testing just how much you&#8217;ve connected with him. Shimizu, explain the rules.Shimizu: We&#8217;ll conduct a written test. A variety of questions like what would Hinata do in this sort of situation will be asked. Ah, Hinata, we&#8217;ll have you do it too to get an answer sheet. HOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEVEEEEER!! &#8220;Shimizu-san!?&#8221; Tanaka, shut up. There are questions where you can&#8217;t answer too honestly. You&#8217;ll become a pervert. Think carefully before you answer, okay?Pens and papers are handed out.Sugawara: Well then, start as soon as you get it. Ah, you can cheat if you want, but then you&#8217;ll lose the points you already have from the start.Everyone: Points from the start!?Sugawara: We gave out points based off of Hinata&#8217;s first impressions of you.Everyone: WHAT!?Sugawara: Whatever, get going.&#8212;-45 minutes laterSugawara: Okaaay, we finished grading them. It&#8217;s boring to just announce the scores, so we&#8217;re going to announce some strange answers.Everyone: WHAT!?Sugawara: Question number 1. Hinata would be happiest to receive what?Shimizu: This is a freebie.Sugawara: Hinata&#8217;s answer: [Toss! Kageyama&#8217;s!] Hinata, you&#8217;re so cute, damn it!Shimizu: Hinata&#8217;s an angel whenever he hits Kageyama&#8217;s tosses. Too cute, Kageyama, good job.Kageyama: Hinata&#8230;!Oikawa: Chibi-chan! I can toss you a toss too! I can give you a better toss than Tobio can!Kuroo: Aaah, I knew it. And dude, Oikawa, shut up.Kenma: Kageyama, no fair.Sugawara: Lev&#8217;s answer: [Height]Tsukishima: Pfft LOLLOLOLOL Well, yeah LOLOLOLOL he&#8217;d be happy, but LOLOLOLTanaka: If you&#8217;re the one saying that LOLOLOLOLOL Bwahaa LOLOLOLKuroo: Uwaa LOLOL How sad LOLOLOLHinata: Lev, I&#8217;ll slice it off.Lev: Slice what off!?Kageyama&#8217;s answer: [Height]Oikawa: LOLOL YOU LOLOL ARE LOLOL SO LOLOLOLKunimi: Put down &#8216;my toss&#8217; there, dude LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLKageyama: No, well, I thought he might want it&#8230;&#8230;.Tsukishima: And no bad intentions either! LOLOLOLOLHinata: Write down &#8216;toss&#8217;!! Stuuuupid, stuuuupid!Kuroo&#8217;s answer: [Kenma]Kenma: What are you saying?Tsukishima: Yeah, are you an idiot?Kuroo: Cute is justice, right!? If you put Kenma and Chibi-chan together, you get double angels, right?Kenma: I&#8217;m not a thing.""That&#8217;s what you&#8217;re mad about!?""Sugawara: Question number 2. What type of person does Hinata hate?Shimizu: This might have been hard because only Hinata himself knows.The answer is: [People like Tsukishima + Great King ÷ Kageyama]Oikawa: What is that equation!?Tanaka: People like??? LOLOLOLOLOLOL You totally just hate those 3 LOLOLOLOLOLYamaguchi: Those aren&#8217;t types LOLOLOLOLTsukishima: Wait, why do I have to be added by Oikawa-san, then divided by the King?Kageyama: I don&#8217;t want to divide either! Nasty.Kageyama&#8217;s answer: [Tsukishima]Tsukishima&#8217;s answer: [King]Oikawa&#8217;s answer: [Tobio]Yaku: You guys LOLOLOLOOLOL Why are you writing down the people you hate???? LOLOLOLOLOLYaku&#8217;s answer: [Lev]Yaku: (´・ω・`)Lev: Wait, Yaku-san!?Sugawara: Guys, for pete&#8217;s sake, write a &#8220;type&#8221;. Not people, alright?Shimizu: There were only 5 people who wrote down types. It can&#8217;t be helped so we gave those 5 points.Straight group: ((Alright!))Sugawara: Question number 3. Hinata&#8217;s childhood friends called him by what nickname?Shimizu: Kageyama and Kunimi have an advantage for this question.Answer: [Shou-chan]Yamaguchi: That&#8217;s cute. Shou-chan.Kunimi: Shou-chan, yeah, it&#8217;s cute, Shou-chan.Hinata: Stop! It&#8217;s embarrassing!!Homos: Tch.Oikawa: Kunimi-chaaaan. Can I borrow you for a sec later?Tsukishima: Yamaguchi.Yamaguchi: Sorry, Tsukki!!Kunimi: Ah, my bad LOLOLOLOLOLOLOikawa and Kuroo&#8217;s answers: [Chibi-chan]Kuroo: Stop copying me.Oikawa: No you stop it, chuunibyou.Tsukishima: That&#8217;s what you guys call him LOLOLTsukishima&#8217;s answer: ChibisukeTsukishima:Hinata: Capital punishment. Now.Kageyama: Don&#8217;t mind, Tsukishima.Tsukishima: Do you even know what don&#8217;t mind means?Kageyama: Don&#8217;t don&#8217;t mind mind, right?Oikawa: DON&#8217;T LOLOL DON&#8217;T LOLOL MIND LOLOL MIND LOLOLTanaka: Are you a snail or something?? LOLOLOLKunimi: PffFT LOLOLOLOLOLOL uweee LOLOLOLOLTsukishima: What the hell LOLOLOL King LOLOLOLOLDaichi&#8217;s answer pffftt [Chirp-chan] PFFTTTTT LOLOLYaku: Chirp LOLOL chan LOLOLOLKuroo: Hell no LOLOLOLOikawa: You have such bad taste LOLOLOLOLOLOLBokuto: No, it&#8217;s nice LOLOLOL Isn&#8217;t it cute??? LOLOLKonoha: Dude, Suga LOLOLOLDaichi:1st, 2nd years and Asahi: (I&#8217;ll be killed if I laugh&#8230;pfft)Sugawara: Question number 4. Let&#8217;s say Sugawara collapses onto the floor. What would Hinata do?Shimizu: You should know what Hinata would do.Shimizu: The answer is: [Call for the other members]Sugawara: I won&#8217;t mind if you give me a kiss &#8220;Sugawara&#8221; Sorry.Daichi&#8217;s answer: [Step on him]Sugawara: Woah, dude, wait.Shimizu: By the way, about 10 people answered this way.Sugawara: If it&#8217;s Hinata, I&#8217;d be happy to be step &#8220;Suuugaaaawaaaaaraaaa&#8221; Sorry.Sugawara: Question number 5. What&#8217;s Hinata&#8217;s favorite food?Shimizu: This might have been hard for people from other schools? The answer is [Tamagokake Rice].Oikawa and Kozume&#8217;s answers: [Me]Tsukishima: Great King&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;..Kuroo: Oikawa, dude, that&#8217;s&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.Akaashi: Hinata, stay away from that person as much as possible.Daichi: Should I stop having practice matches with Aojou&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;?Kunimi: I&#8217;ll erase that person so please don&#8217;t.Karasuno: Alright, then we&#8217;re good.Oikawa: Wait a sec! Why just me!? That Pudding-kun said the same thing!Kuroo: Kenma&#8217;s cute so it&#8217;s fine.Oikawa: O, Oikawa-san is cute too!!Kageyama: That joke isn&#8217;t funny.Tsukishima: Ka LOLOL ge LOLOL ya LOLOL maPart 2: Here

今から日向テストを行います by どん

Today we have a test

This is the funniest fanfic out there I swear to god. Snippet:

Shimizu: In order to protect Hinata’s cute ass, we’re going to have a test.
Tanaka: I didn’t want to hear that word from Shimizu-san!
Asahi: Same here.
Sugawara: Of course there’ll be some of you who’ll say “I’m not a pervert”. HOWEEEVERRR! Don’t forget the existence of ones who hide in secret like Daichi!
Daichi: Dude.

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The page has updated VN all x prince eren! we can play it, dun’t know if this is demo or full ver, i havent try it