Anonymous asked: I'm sobbing, just sobbing. Wtf, WWWWAaaaHAHHhhhAhhhHH... Bawling my eyeballs out here. Omg, curse 茶漬け美味 for being such an excellent writer. Thank you so much for the fic translations! I should never have expected any fluff, or comfort, or... *cries mores*. //throws self off cliff into oblivion

Glad you liked it.:) I know, right? 茶漬け美味 is such a good writer. I’m so sad that she’s disappeared.T_T Her writing gets me so emotional so just hoping that my subpar translation conveys it all.=x My next novel translation will probably (not) be less depressing.

Anonymous asked: do you know any way of getting the full game of hakoniwa no eden for free because i'm not able to buy it and i'd really like to play it :c if it isn't possible, thank you anyway!

The only way I know is to buy it so sorry can’t help you with this. Even I didn’t buy the full version yet because I’m too lazy to go through all the middleman and shipping&handling stuff.xD It’s a doujin game too so you’re not likely to find it on the internet.

clockworklolita asked: Can I just say how much I loved your tags in the "Eren in the next chapter" post....I was nodding anf agreeing the whole time I read them

Yeh yeh yeh yeh. I’ve been pretty unhappy with the latest chapters and that frustration has made me see the previous chapters in a less biased light.:/ Especially since I started replaying what snk was inspired by, it made snk’s flaws a lot more apparent and yeah I just don’t know where Isayama is going with any of this. It’s fine that he has a big ol’ plan, but everything feels so cheap to me. All the speeches and themes have very little weight and I guess that can be a message too, but little exposition done on that.





i will do a flip if eren appears in the new chap



fucking same

True undergrad slave life is waking up early on a Saturday morning to drive all the way to campus to pick up stuff from the autoclave.


Lupin sends a challenge via newspaper saying that he’s going to steal 200 hearts and then just….

Accidentally got one of the Mysteria event tokutens instead of one of the drama cd tokutens. I regret nothing.

I’m not sure why I’m arguing about snk


I don’t even care that much for it anymore

Like I still love it, but I don’t care at all about the plot anymore, so all these people jumping down my throat about how “it’s drawn out because it wouldn’t make sense not to” and “I like the politics they’re so interesting” are barking at a fire hydrant

Go ahead and piss on me, I don’t really care.

Anon asked me a question and I answered.

Honestly snk is just…the anime is on hiatus and nothing really interesting is happening in the manga.

That’s just how I feel. You can argue with me, but that’s just how I feel and arguing with me won’t change that.

Snk was my number one, and it can be again, but at the moment I’ve shuffled it behind more important anime/manga like tokyo ghoul and Zankyou no terror and…

Embarrassingly…eyeshield 21 (don’t even)

Almost every major plot trope in SnK has been ripped off from MuvLuv Alternative which did it 100x better.

Though I do have to admit he makes more likeable characters.


sending friends sad otp songs and waiting for them to get upset like




"Satoru Iwata also mentioned that several other titles are in development exclusively for the New Nintendo 3DS. These will not be playable on the old 3DS models."


Nintendo is the devil tbh


I am making a thumbs up sign right now. Viva tears and angst.((: